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News From Diver's Lodge Dive Center: Hundred meters of the Red Sea water hides the mystery of the loss of Gulf Fleet No. 31 platform supply vessel

Hundred meters of the Red Sea water hides the mystery of the loss of Gulf Fleet No. 31 platform supply vessel. Sha’abrur Umm Gamer Wrecks. There are three wrecks laying on the reef of sha’abrur Umm Gamer. This is the third and the deepest now-known wreck of Sha’abrur Umm Gamar lies at a hundred-meter depth near its northern tip. Hundred meters of the Red Sea water hides the mystery of the loss of Gulf Fleet No. 31 platform supply vessel. Name of the vessel can be read on her sides and aft. There is also the answer to the question about the ship’s flag. Her homeport was New Orleans, United States of America. A quick glance at the wreck, it becomes clear that she is "fresh", i.e. sank quite recently. Her masts are where they should be. Crew’s personal belongings and ship's equipment are still not completely destroyed by the seawater. Quite modern design of the ship not to be neglected either. Knowing the name of the ship, today's information technology can help trace her life path. Indeed, the brief search yields some results. Gulf Fleet No. 31 was built in 1978 in Louisiana. Twin-screw steel tug had a length of more than 56 meters and a beam of 12 meters, draft of more than 4 meters. Her gross tonnage was of 294 register tons and engine power - three thousand horsepower. I failed to find the ship's lifetime image. But her twin Gulf Fleet No. 34 was built just a year after and is almost identical. According Lloyd’s Register, Gulf Fleet No. 31 hit Sha’abrur Umm Gamar reef and sank in 1983. But it’s unknown what caused the crash - whether the navigation error, or, say, engine failure. In those years, Texas-based Zapata Gulf Marine owned Gulf Fleet No. 31. New Orleans-based Tidewater Corporation acquired the later in 1992. Requests for information from the successor of the Gulf Fleet No. 31 owners have caused, unfortunately, the latter no enthusiasm. But the Egyptians remember that the whole night the crew was taking off the ship every valuable equipment. And the Red Sea closed over her with the first rays of the sun… It is possible that this is only speculation, which inevitably complies history of any wreck. But the pilothouse really has noticeable traces of hasty work. It is unlikely that marauder divers were interested in broken cumbersome electronics inside the wreck on the 100-meter depth... The wreck was discovered in 1995. The same year her stern was first dived to a depth of just over 80 meters. Today the wreck stands on an even keel with a strong trim by the bow. In the below crevice the depth is of 103 meters. (Al Qamar Al Saudi Al Misry - Hurghada wreck) It's the wreck of the 125m long, 7600 ton ferry, Al Qamar Al Saudi Al Misry sunk on the 19th May 1994 after an explosion in the engine room & subsequent fire while carrying 505 passengers & 63 crew with the loss of 21 lives The wreck lies in 83m of water with a minimum depth of 64m on the port side hull. It is intact and lying on its starboard side and makes for an absolutely fantastic dive in the Red Sea waters. We are doing it as a daily dive every day (weather permitted)

Lost Egyptian City Revealed

The ruins of the lost city were found 30 feet under the surface of the Mediterranean Sea in Aboukir Bay, near Alexandria. Known as Heracleion to the ancient Greeks and Thonis to the ancient Egyptians, the city was a port for both civilisations. Read more

Dahab is famous among technical divers for Blue Hole and of course the Arch. But still there’re several dive sites which are not explored. One of such places is Hidden Canyon which is a system of canyons located in Abu Talha and Abu Helal area. In January 2009 Andrey Chistyakov and his Team initiated a project aiming to map Hidden Canyon’s area.                Full Story...

Diving Bikers

Motorcycling and scuba diving represent two great forms of freedom where you can enjoy exposure to nature first hand.

John Kean, a TDI dive instructor # 6102 and motorcyclist will cover 16,000 km and dive the leading ship wrecks of the Coloured Seas from Egypt to the White Sea in Northern Russia. The Red Sea, Black Sea and White Sea are included in the six country trip, each with a unique diving and surrounding land-based story to tell. Read More

205 METERS (677fsw) DIVE

Andrey Chistyakov and his Diving Team in Dahab have completed autumn 2008 Deep Trimix Program by the 205 meters dive. There’s one more diver in Russia now, who’s successfully reached 200msw depth.         Full Story...


Lebanon Deep Solo Diving Tri-Mix Record 220 m in Open Circuit By Mohammad-Khattam TDI Advanced Trimix Diver.
The true explorers
always return to tell where they have been..."                 Full Story...


Yolanda is a legendary wreck.Nowadays it is attracting Technical divers from all around the world. One of them is Gennady Fursov, TDI Instructor and his team who tried to break the record set up in 2005. Full Story...

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News From Diver's Lodge: Hundred meters of the Red Sea water hides the mystery of the loss of Gulf Fleet No. 31 platform supply vessel.
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